Tips on How to Slow Down, from the Fastest Man Alive

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It’t no secret that I’m always running. Running to save someone, running away from something or just running late. When I get tired of running and need to slow down this is how I do it:

Unplug : This can mean not checking your phone on the way to work, or ditching social media for a week. We all need to unplug once and a while, so we can take in the real world

Planning your down time: this may seem like the exact opposite of taking a breather but when you are as busy as I am you need to plan your down time. Saving the world often comes at unplanned times so I always need to make sure I am rested and ready to take on the challenge.

Saying No: At the beginning of my journey as The Flash, I felt the need to save everyone from everything, no matter how small. Cat in a tree, I got it; Someone about to spill their drink, I can catch it. Now I know that I can to trust that the people around me are also doing their jobs, and ready to take action. It’s all about balance, and making sure doing all the little things doesn’t get in the way of the big things, like saving the world

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