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Essay #2

            “A Lazy Girls Guide to Self-Care” is a blog dedicated to holding myself accountable for being kind. The blog content can be split into two categories, Self-Care Tips and Stories. Self-Care tips include various bits of advices that I am either giving myself in that moment in time or pieces of advice that have been given to me that I felt the need to share. The Story posts are more personal journal like entries about time I felt I was successful in being kind to myself by doing simple tasks and am able to share with my audience. The blog is similar to a journal for me and as the about section says, it’s dedicated to holding myself accountable for self-care this semester.

This blog wasn’t written with the intent of an audience, more just a personal reflection. I feel if anyone where to read the publication, it would be those in similar positions as myself; a female, in their twenties, in university. Realistically the audience of my blog is students of Publishing in Everyday Life in addition to the professor and teaching assistant. Since my audience most closely resembles myself the design and content of the blog reflect my personal style. The site design and layout are minimal, providing a personal journal atmosphere. The colouring, yellow, is there to provide warmth, and the floral pattern to add a feminine aspect to the design. The design of my blog is in line with my personal preferences, which is fitting since those similar to me are the intended audience. The content of “A Lazy Girls Guide to Self-Care”, is written informally, in first person and in a way that doesn’t take itself to seriously. As I have no formal training or professional knowledge in the realm of self-care, I am only really qualified to give advice that is from my own experience; Because of this it is fitting that my writing style is not formal or academic. Professionals increasingly have to defend their livelihoods against the plethora of amateur voices that have the ability to attract and enormous following by virtue of their nonprofessionalisim, which by some accounts translates to “authenticity”, or a trustworthy voice. (Rousseau, 2012) In addition to this the content present on “A Lazy Girls Guide to Self-Care”, is very anecdotal in an attempt to resonate with multiple people rather than only those who know me personally, I tend to stay with topics that would allow others to relate to, regardless of whether they knew me or not. The value I am providing through “A Lazy Girls Guide to Self-Care”, is relatability. I want someone who reads my post to be able to fit the advice into their life or feel less alone.

That being said I think this marks the end of my blogging. I think the tricky thing with producing content is that you need to produce content that you actively consume. A book author wouldn’t be able to write a book never having read one, the same goes for blogging. I do not enjoy reading blogs, I very rarely consume media in that for which made it even harder for me to produce media for this platform. Being a writer is no longer an institutionalized profession, the globalizalization of the market and the world-wide web have exceeded the imaginations, citizens have become ever more precarious producers. (Minghelli, 2014) In addition, I recall on the first day we were instructed to write our blog about something that we are passionate about, I did not take this advice. I don’t think there is something I am so passionate about that I would choose to spend my time writing about it, if I’m being honest I hate writing, I have never had a way with words or the want to write down my thoughts.

In regard to social media I am of the opinion that whatever you put online is up to you as long as you can acknowledge that it is there forever and will always be linked back to you. This class has made me realize I do not want my name attached to my blog, I don’t want someone to stumble upon a story I shared and be able to link it to my name. I admire those in this class who have boldly put themselves out there and will continue to do so with their content, but I would rather have my online presence kept to the minimal. However, this has been a good experiment surrounding the idea of who can and can’t produce valuable content. Journalists—digital or otherwise— have little to distinguish them from regular citizens; Journalists are bloggers, but so are citizens; journalists share information on social media, but so do citizens; journalists have an audience for their work, but so do citizens who have a following on social media. (Ferrucci & Vos, 2017). In the end there is most likely someone out there who is creating the same content as I was, with more experience and more drive, whether they be a professional or another student in this class.


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Rousseau, S. (2012). Food and social media you are what you tweet / Signe Rousseau. (AltaMira studies in food and gastronomy). Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield.

An attempt at Headspace

Over the past two weeks I have tried to get into meditation by using the app Headspace. I have never been a fan of meditation, but I have been continually told of it’s benefits from family, friends and healthcare professional. I have a lot of trouble sitting still and I knew I wanted to improve, plus the app was free – so what did I have to loose.

The Experience:

My goal was to use the app for two weeks, complete a guided meditation everyday right before bed and hopefully become a new person. I started off strong, taking part in the guided mediation for the first 4 days right on schedule. Was it enjoyable? not really, as I mentioned before I wasn’t the biggest fan of meditation or the idea of sitting still for a long period of time. But I also knew that I was never going to be able to better myself without a little bit of a challenge.

Day 5 is the first day I missed in my challenge, I don’t even remember why I was busy with school or life, which looking back on it meant it was probably the perfect day for me to take 10 minutes and breath.

The next road bump was when I hit day 10, thats when I realized my 10 day trial was over, probably something I should have looked into before I started this challenge. I decided to just repeat the exercises for the remaining 4 days.

My Thoughts:

So my goals for head space where as follows –

use the app for two weeks, complete a guided meditation everyday right before bed

I was pretty successful with this goal, I only missed one of 14 days which is 93%, not too bad. I also managed to use the app at the same time every night, which allowed me to calm down right before bed and fit nicely into my routine. I don’t think I would of been able to do it if I had picked another time of the day, so if you are trying something new and challenging make sure it fits into your schedule and routine!

My next goal was to become a better person

Well this goal was a little broad (Maybe I also need to work on setting realistic goals). Am I a better person? maybe. Do I have new appreciation for meditation? yes. While I don’t think I will be keeping Headspace as part of my daily routine after this experience, I do have a deeper appreciation for those who meditate regularly, and I’m more likely not to make a look of disgust when someone say meditation anymore.

If you are looking for a more in-depth review of the app check out the Psyber Guide.

self care while seeing other people

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dating sucks. If the date goes well, it can be exciting, if it goes bad, you start to reassess everything in your life. In order to keep your head on straight I have a few suggestions.

Know what you want: Know what you are looking for before you start this adventure, be truthful with yourself about what you need, want and can maintain in terms of a relationship at this time in your life. Also if you don’t know what you want thats okay too, don’t try to force yourself into one category

Date yourself too: Make sure you are spending the same amount of time with yourself, if not more. Sure other people are cool, and as cliche as it sounds you should really know yourself before you can know someone else

R-E-J-E-C-T-I-O-N: Ahh the worst part of dating, finally finding someone who you like, ticks a few of the boxes and then nothing. It will happen. The key to dealing with this is all in how you react. The thing with rejection is that it can make you feel like you are less than all the amazing things that you are. My suggestion is to put on some Lizzo, go back to the previous two steps and then move on to bigger and better things.

Manage Expectations: This is a big one, especially for me. Be realistic about what’s going on in the present, stop looking into things so much, stop planning for the future. It’s easy to get sweet up in a moment and also compare every date and every person to what came before. Stay focused, what’s in the past in there for a reason. Embrace the new for good or the bad, and don’t get too wrapped up in it all (remember step 2).

half milk and sugar

Peer Review #3

Half milk and sugar invites its readers to “come take a sip” at their “online virtual cafe” and provides a one stop access to readers giving them a insiders scoop on local Vancouver Cafes.

Design: The simplicity of half milk and sugar pairs well with the blogs content. Each post is held in a square on the home page making it easy to navigate and select the post that you are most interested in. The squares also keep all the blogs content neatly organized and presentable on the home page. The minimalist design on half milk and sugar makes it appealing to all audiences and is comparable to many other food blogs.

Content: half milk and sugar’s café reviews give the reader a front row seat to cafes in the Vancouver area. Not only is the bubble tea in review but the post also discusses the interior of the café, the way it is described the reader knows exactly what to expect the moment they walk in the door, the image of the interior helps with the visual as well.

Then for the item review there is a lot of detail and attention placed into the review. I am an occasional bubble tea consumer but from the reviews on half milk and sugar I can tell that the writer really knows what they are talking about, discussing texture, flavour and the look of the item they are reviewing. I also appreciate that the price is mentioned in each review. Eating out and trying new places can be expensive, by mentioning the price of the item the audience shifts from those who are able to spend a lot of money to include those who are maybe on a budget but still want to explore.

Overall half milk and sugar appeals to like minded individuals who are eager to try new cafes, desserts and experiences. The clean design makes it easy for anyone within that demographic to access and find content, making half milk and sugar a perfect site to visit when planning your next cafe adventure.

Navigating the November Blues

I think we can all agree November is the worst. All the fun fall festivities have ended, the pretty leaves have fallen and coated the side walk with some sort of mush. The cold weather is setting in, it’s dark, it’s foggy. It’s still too early to go full on Christmas mode so we are all stuck waiting. But we aren’t really waiting because the stress of school, or work, or life has set in and all of a sudden you have a million things on your to-do list this month. I’m honestly just trying to make it winter break… and this is how I’m gonna do it:

Spend time outside: I know I just complained about the weather but its not always awful, my advice is check the weather and plan outdoor activities when its sunny. My favourite outdoor November activity is hiking, but even if you don’t want to hike just make sure to get out and get some fresh air everyday or else its going to be a very long month trapped inside

Friends!: It’s pretty easy to become a recluse in November, everyone is busy, swamped with a million and one things. But it doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Make sure to schedule time to recharge with loved ones, invite them to hike! or to study or to even run errands with you. Everyones is feeling the same pressure this month so make sure to spread the love

Christmas?: So the beginning of November is too early for Christmas in my opinion but the end of November… well thats another story. If the only thing that is gonna get you through this month is the Christmas lights at the end of the tunnel who am I to stop you. I know that at that half-way mark of November my Christmas tree will be going up, I really need that extra joy to make it to finals not to mention the extra sugar of starting in on the Christmas treats. I highly recommend starting your celebration a little early, just don’t go overboard, you still have alot of work to do this November.